Royal Wharf, London

Royal Wharf grasps one of the last opportunities to build a new town within London on an area of 161,874 sq m, providing 3,385 residential units and 10,000 sq m of retail and business use to a prime riverside location. The development incorporates a high street, side streets, and the occasional mews, taking inspiration from the great estates of London.

Just minutes from Canary Wharf, and less than half an hour from Oxford Street, this is a rich, textured neighbourhood, focused around the lively central high street, a broad market square and a rolling riverside park. The masterplan and architecture of Royal Wharf, meanwhile, is inspired by the classic great estates of London – most famously forged in the Georgian and Victorian eras. Smaller developments, surrounded by the shifting urban landscape, often struggle to maintain distinctive identities. The size of Royal Wharf and its position on the river allows it to establish a character of its own that can draw deeply on the wider city without being overwhelmed by it.